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10 best homestay places in Sapa

Today, young travelers are more and more fond of the homestay tourism. Sapa is one of the hottest tourist destinations where this service developes very fast. Let us review the best homestay in this highland resort town
Sapa homestay
Ms May Kieu homestay - Ta Phin village
The homestay is located in Ta Phin village and is owned by Ms Kieu, this homestay offers one of the friendliest accommodation in Sapa. The homestay is rustic and simple as the ethnic people here. If you are a lover of exploring and experiencing, staying in an ethnic house to eat and live with local hosts will be an extremely enjoyable experience. This is my favourite choice for homestay in Sapa as it provides you au authentic life style of ethnic Red Dzao people.
• Tel: 01683542199
Ms May Kieu homestay - Ta Phin village
Ta Van Ecologic homestay - Ta Van village
Just 12 km from Phan Xi Pang Mountain in Sa Pa, Tavan Ecologic Homestay offers a restaurant and free Wi-Fi throughout the property. The homestay also has BBQ facilities, a children's playground and a bar serving drinks. Rooms are fitted with a TV and laptop. Some rooms offer mountain or river views. Slippers and free toiletries are also provided. Travelers can play darts and cycling around is a popular activity in the area. SaPa Lake and Ham Rong Flower Garden - Ham Rong Mountain are 6 km from Tavan Ecologic Homestay. This homestay is one of the most popular homestays in Sa Pa!
• Tel: 0913.966.845
Ta Van Ecologic homestay
Nam Cang Riverside Lodge - Nam Cang Village
• Reference price: 2,500,000 VND / person / night
- Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is located in Nam Cang village, about 30 km from the town center. This is home to the Red Dao ethnic minorities. In front of the homestay is a suspension bridge, squeezed through a small river. There are 7 double rooms and 2 family rooms fully equipped with modern facilities, no less than any other luxury hotel. The attraction to tourists here is the beautiful view, overlooking the river, the surrounding area is like a very lively picture. Imagine being in the midst of cold weather, enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the majestic mountains, what can be more enjoyable!. Rooms here are many doors, decoration not too picky but extremely eye-catching. The dining room is decorated by wooden tables and carved in a stupendous manner. Here, you can also stroll into the village, explore the activities and life of indigenous people, buy exquisitely handicrafts as gifts.
• Tel: 0203871331
Sapa homestay
Phori's House - Ta Van village
• Reference price: $ 30 / night / room for 2 persons. Additional third person surcharge $ 10 / person - Private charter price: $ 120 / night. About 14 people.
- Phorri's House is located at the end of Ta Van village, 8km from the center of Sapa town. You drive down Muong Hoa valley to Ta Van village about 20 to 30 minutes by taxi or motorbike. Call home, to bring a cozy feeling, familiar to customers when staying here. Room with view overlooking the valley and terraced fields. In front of the house there is a small stream, flowing murmuring, feeling like completely away from the crowded streets, in harmony with nature and enjoy the holiday. Sitting next to the flat rocks along the stream and reading the book, there is no experience that could be more interesting and memorable. Interior decor is lovely, impressive and unique to every detail. In the morning, listening to the pleasant aroma of oil and charcoal, seemed to be completely immersed in everything here. You can go shopping yourself, use cloth bags made by Phorri, picking vegetables in the garden for cooking. In the room there is wine, clean cafe, enough for a very romantic night. Around the house also have dining services, bar, foot massage. If you have a chance, try this. The rustic place will be an unforgettable experience.
• Tel: 0906231047
Phori's House - Ta Van village
Eco Palms House - Lao Chai village
• Reference price: VND 330,000 / night / collective room - VND1,800,000 / night / double room
- Eco Palms House is located in Lao Chai Village, not far from Ham Rong Mountain and Sapa Stone cathedral. Moving from town takes about 30 minutes. Rooms here have views overlooking the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range and beautiful Muong Hoa valley. Eco Palms House consists of 5 bungalows. These 5 houses are designed and decorated like the typical houses of 5 special ethnic groups living in Sapa such as H'mong, Tay, Red Dzao, Xa Pho and Dzay people. The houses are designed with materials such as bamboo, wood - materials that are not only simple, rustic, close to nature, but also help the guests get cool in the summer and warm in. winter. Each home is full of furniture, decor layout is extremely simple but impressive. In the room is equipped with leisure chairs, you can bring out on the porch, sip a cup of hot tea, enjoy the picturesque scenery, enjoy every moment is extremely worthwhile. Each room is equipped with 2 traditional ethnic costumes for guests to wear to take photos or go to market. The food here is very delicious, the chef cooks both traditional and European dishes. Eco Palms House brings guests the feeling of peace, tranquility, like in the wonderland
• Tel: 01259172201
Eco Palms House - Lao Chai village
Viettrekking Homestay - Located at the end of Hoang Lien street
• Reference price: 200.000d / single (2-3 persons), 300.000d / double room (4-5 persons). Weekend plus 50,000 VND / room. Dormitory 80,000 VND / person. With 4 or more people only 60,000 VND / person. Weekend plus 5,000 VND/person.
- The house is located at the end of Hoang Lien road, from Cau May intersection, turn about 400m. From this location to the center is just 5 minutes, very convenient. Perhaps this is the most beautiful place to view the clouds in Sapa. The house is named by local people with the very cute name "The House at the end of the Road". Every morning you wake up, you will feel astonishing, like the realms when you are surrounded by a sea of floating clouds. Sitting by the window, you can look at the majestic Hoang Lien Son Mountain and proud Fansipan peak at the same time. From here, travelers can take a short walk to the food corner at Fansipan Street and Sapa Night Market.
• Tel: 0902121234 - 0916121221
Viettrekking Homestay
Hmong Mountain Retreat - Ho village
• Reference price: 800.000 VND / person / private room. Shared-room floor 200,000 - 250,000 VND / person
- The house is located in Ho village, about 6km from the town center, near Rattan bridge, Silver waterfall, Mau temple. Here, travelers will stay in the palm-roofed bungalows, between the plots of green fields on the hills or 70-year-old H'mong house. Guests will have breakfast at the 80 year old main house. Complimentary bottled water and fruit are provided daily. Alternatively, you can also join local cooking classes. This place has a simple beauty that is equally romantic.
Hmong Mountain Retreat - Ho village
Gem Valley - Cat Cat village
• Reference price: 200.000 - 250.000 VND / person / night
- Gem Valley is designed by a couple of Hanoian artists who live here, it is located on the way down Cat Cat village, 2km from the town center. At first, Gem Valley emerged as a unique cafe, the most "quality" in Sapa, then because there are too many supporters and favorites that it offers homestay. This place is considered as a "dream home" attracting a lot of tourists, people in Vietnam and abroad. The background is decorated very nicely in the eyes of the artists. Here, every morning, just open the window one can see the charming rice terraces on the mountain sides.
• Tel: 0912849753
Gem Valley - Cat Cat village
Sali House - Ta Van village
• Price: Double Room: $ 30, Triple Room: $ 40, Quadruple Room: $ 50, Both: $ 120
- Sali House is known as a wooden house in the middle of Ta Van paradise. Located at the end of Ta Van village, about 20 minutes drive from the center, you will completely immerse yourself in the green nature. The objects in the house are very beautiful and curious, the unique design space that retains the mountain style. Coming here travelers will experience picking tea in the early morning, bathing in streams, enjoying mountain pigs, drinking Tao Meo wine made by the owner. Standing in the yard, you can also see the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and terraced fields, enjoying the fresh air. Bathrooms have special glass panels, so you can have a bath while enjoying the view. All the cooking utensils are fully equipped to give visitors the most complete trip.
• Tel: 0868465085
Sali House - Ta Van village
Sapa Heavenly Homestay - Ta Phin village
- Located in Ta Phin village, about 17km east of Sapa town center. Sapa Heavenly Homestay is beautifully designed, completely made of high-grade Po Mu wood - a good mosquito repellant. Sapa Heavenly homestay is located in a special position, guests can enjoy the whole romantic scene of Sapa. Here, you will experience daily activities with the local people such as rice planting, vegetable planting, at night they will set fire, grill food, extremely warm and close. Ta Phin is a village of the Red Dzao people, so the famous herbal bathing service here will be valuable and worth a try.
• Tel: 097 556 53 08
Sapa Heavenly Homestay - Ta Phin village












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