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You are on the page of Sapa Adventure Reviews offering the place for people to exchange Sapa travel advice and Sapa travel tips. Free to everybody who would like to write about Sapa and Vietnam, telling stories and share them with others. For more questions concerned your travel to Sapa Vietnam, please please feel free to contact us with our prompt and personalized travel services!


Top 5 best photography locations in Sapa travelers cannot miss
If you want to have beautiful check-in photos in Sapa, then Viet Trekking Coffee is also a suggestion worth considering...  

Street food in Sapa - worth a try
By visiting this small gastronomy market, you are seduced not only by the irresistible flavor of the grills but also by a wide variety of food colors. You can count dozens of different dishes here...

Experience local life by spending a night at the homestay
You will be welcomed by the hosts. The family cooks the meals for you themselves, you obviously have the opportunity to attend the kitchen...  

8 breathtaking stops in Bat Xat travelers cannot miss
Ngai Thau is one of the beautiful stops on Bat Xat route that travelers cannot miss, especially for those who like to “hunt” the clouds. It seems that in any season, Ngai Thau is immersed in a cloudy ”ocean”, bringing a magical...

Visit Si Ma Cai, detailed information and guide
Not only famous for the beautiful natural scenery, Si Ma Cai also made tourists sobbing when enjoying the specialties in Si Ma Cai...  

Travel to Bac Ha, useful tips and information
To make your trip to Bac Ha smooth, you should also take the time to learn about this region. Bac Ha is a district in the Northwest of Lao Cai province where there are many beautiful natural landscapes...

10 most worth visiting places in Lao Cai
Trung Do ancient citadel is located in Bao Nhai Commune, Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province. This is a tourist destination in Lao Cai that contains a sacred space and a beautiful landscape...  

Travel to Lao Cai and things you need to know
Rattan bridge was the only bridge for local people to move from Ta Van commune to the center of Sapa town. Over time the bridge has become increasingly degraded, and due to the development of Sapa tourism...

Sapa airport project supported
Lao Cai province needs to clarify the capacity and forecast tourists to this locality to calculate the reasonable construction time avoid wasting when building the airport with a total capital of nearly 5000 billion Vietnam Dong.  

10 best homestay places in Sapa
The homestay is located in Ta Phin village and is owned by Ms Kieu, this homestay offers one of the friendliest accommodation in Sapa. The homestay is rustic and simple as the ethnic people here...

Lao Cai launches tourism promotion program
To attract more tourists, Lao Cai will perform the promotion package with a discount of travel services to 30% and offer free entrance fees at tourist sites. Also, in the last 6 months of the year, Lao Cai province will continue to implement new tourism products.  

Travel to Sapa by motorbike
From Hanoi to Vinh Phuc after you cross Thang Long bridge you turn left at Tien Phong of Phu Cuong junctions, from Doan Hung district you follow highway 70 to Lao Cai city then continue 4D highway to Sapa town...

Visitors to Sapa increase
According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, total number of tourists to Lao Cai reached 397.000 people, an increase of 24% fromlast year, in which international visitors reached 191.000, a 25% higher than previous year.  

Tour Sapa, attractions and things to do
At the elevation of 3143m above the sea level, Sapa is nicknamed "the roof of Indochina". Fansipan is a favourite destination for young conquerers. Travellers can reach Fansiapn in one of the ways: Golden Stream - Love waterfall or from Tram Ton pass to Fansipan...

Colour of spring in Sapa
A special hill tribe market with local specialties such as terraced rice, plum and corn wines, honey bee, Tam That flower, dried buffalo meat, Shan Tuyet tea, pipe wine, brocade, five coloured sticky rice, Thang Co soup.  

Planning a trip to Sapa
With many original cultural activities and beautiful natural scenery, Sapa (Lao Cai) is an attractive destination for your next holiday, it's a chance to relax and enjoy the cool climate and discover the beauty of hill tribe villages...

Bac Ha horse racing festival
Bac Ha is the craddle of war horses in northwest Vietnam, produced numerous cargo horses since the roads were difficult to drive, horseback was the most convenient mode of transport for local people.  

Unusual cold in Sapa
Sapa is usually cooler from April to November and a lot of people visit Sapa this time, in January the weather is very cold and foggy, sometimes it snows in the mountain areas...

Experience travel by train to Sapa
There is a canteen selling snacks like instant noodles , porridge, bimbim ... and there are usually trolleys carrying food at meal times along train.  

Sapa tourism overcoming difficulties
Through the festival brings visitors deep impression on the culture and the unique spirit of the unique products of nature, contributing more widely to promote local cultural characteristics of Sapa...

Si Ma Cai
The Hmong people in Si Ma Cai also have the Gau Tao festival also very characteristic, usually held after the traditional Tet.  

Visitors flock to Sapa in Tet
(Thus, the number of visitors to Sapa has reached nearly 55.000 people in early 2014 (of which 44 943 were domestic tourists, international visitors accounted for 9585 respectively)...

Guide about sleeping in Sapa
As a tourist resort town in mountainous north Vietnam, Sapa has many hotels and guesthouses to choose, most hotels are located in Cau May and Muong Hoa streets, there are some cheaper choices on the way to Cat Cat village valley and Ham Rong mountain.  

Sapa useful information
First of all you should ask to buy travel map of Sapa (in the office or at the ticket counter at the foot of Ham Rong mountain ) so that you can determine the specific route and schedule...

Travel to Y Ty
Y Ty commune is located west of Bat Xat district, about 100 km from Lao Cai town. Y Ty is dub "foggy land" with gorgeous terraced fields and the most beautiful earth walled houses in Lao Cai.  

Explore Can Cau market in Bac Ha
Special thing in Can Cau Market is, in addition to local tourists and foreign visitors, most of the participants are of Hmong and Dzay people...

Sapa develops handicraft villages
The villages in the province have been associated with tourism spots and promote tourism development in the community, improve living standards of many families through their home business, selling handicrafts, brocade products.  

Visit Sapa in winter
Sapa always stands on the top list of winter destinations in Vietnam. "City in the fog" has the specific of northwest mountains with blue skies, white clouds and colourful flower blooming all year round and many travelers come to Sapa in the winter...

Sapa tourism festival
Street festival SaPa is not mixed with street festivals anywhere because of art activities shown in the parade. The street festival was elaborately organized for the first time with many new and fascinating activities.  

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