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Train tickets to Sapa





Dien Bien Phu to Sapa



Up early for a 6am bus - the town is just starting to come to life. 

On our way to the Bus station we walk through the market to find all the stands full with fresh herbs - the smell of fresh Spring Onions, Basil, Corriander, Lemon Grass and Mint fills our senses as we walk. 

Finally we are onboard the bus and on our way - not a second late for long trip to Sapa. Stopping for lunch in Lau Chai. 10 hours later we arrive. 

We have climbed to 1900 mtrs in the bus passing through the pass just near Fansispan (4000 mtrs). The roads are to say the least something to be seen. Both of us has feared for our lives today. The road just wide enough for one vechicle, let alone 2 that need to pass and nothing to stop you from falling to the valley below - the slopes are barren of plants and trees - just nothing to stop the fall. 

We see waterfalls coming from the sides of mountains to be swallowed once again by the mountain to reappear at the very bottom of the valley. 

The roads are one of the many bridge crossings a mess as we climb to the peak of the pass - massive road works are being dome and the road is very hard going. We finally start to descend to Sapa

Sapa pearched on a hill top is cool and welcoming. As soon as we leave the bus we are surrounded by touts. 20 minutes latter we are booked into a hotel with a million dollar view for $10. 

We wander the streets being touted from shops and Hill Tribes. The place is busy and heaven help you if you stop to look at something as before you know it you are surrounded by tribes people - all wanting to sell you their goods. 

We wander down steps through the markets and keep walking - not knowing where we are going but happen upon a lttle bar - the Pink Floyd Bar. Inside we sit at a table at the back with views down into the valley below drinking a local brew and listening to their Berlin performace of The Wall - Cyndie Lauper is just great in this performance. We latter find out from the owner that all the Video clips and tracks have been supplied by another Aussie. 

Some more wandering and dinner then back to the hotel for an early night.














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