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Homestay off the beaten track of Sapa

Separated from a noisy and crowded Sapa, Ta Van village is fortunate enough to still retain its original tranquility.

In recent years, with the overheating development in the center of Sapa, many visitors who prefer tranquil space, instead of staying in the center have moved down to the nearby villages. Ta Van is one of the points that many visitors find, luckily enough still keep the simplicity, hospitality of the people and especially not yet been "tourismized" too much. Just about 8 km from central Sapa, Ta Van village is another world, a peaceful scene with grass and flowers.

Unable to recognize a Sapa of today. The picture makes the community "panic" when seeing a messy Sapa with high buildings in construction, so many visitors decided instead of staying in the center to move down the village to enjoy the feeling of peace, harmony with nature.

There are no high buildings, modern hotels, Ta Van has mostly small wooden houses, nestled behind the bamboo, beside the small streams. The main material is wood and ethnic traditions make the visitors feel more interesting and closer to nature. In here most homestay have long benches and a small table, a few pots of plants, or a green fence surrounding the house, this is where you can sip the hot tea, listen to birds singing, read some interesting books or simply close your eyes to rest, to be blended into the green, fresh air.

Runing windingly through the village is a large stream, where you can wade in and feel the cool water flowing through your feet, or sip a cup of coffee at a nearby restaurant watching the sunset. Definitely one of the most beautiful scenery on the trip. Sunlight shines through the glass windows with a view looking down the valley, where the rice terraces are golden bright. You can sit out at the verandah, watching the terraced fields, the mountains hidden behind the clouds, listening to birds singing, hear the murmuring streams. Tours in Sapa

Being a small village located down in the valley between mountains, but you can rest assured that there are all necessities for anyone who spend the night in the village. There are also a number of local restaurants to serve everyone's needs. In Ta Van center area, you can buy stuff and cook yourself. There is even a supermarket where you can shop for the most essential items. As you are hiding in a beautiful place like this, why not cook yourself a beautiful meal! Homestays here have kitchens and other necessities so you can cook your own food. But you can still prepare more food from home and do not forget to bring a bottle of wine. A great setting for sipping a glass of wine.

In the sun, visitors will be walked by the village children to a larger stream, passing through the bungalows hidden behind the bushes, visitors can't help but surprised by the scene. About 20 m at the foot of the slope is a bamboo bar, where you can meet foreigners who are just singing and dancing in the sunshine before the enjoyment of the ethnic people. The atmosphere is quite fun, with both Western and Vietnamese dishes.

To get to Ta Van from Hanoi you can take passenger bus, private car or overnight train to Lao Cai, then move to the center of Sapa town, from here you can take a taxi, motorbike or rent your own motorbike from Sapa to Ta Van. If you like to explore yourself around, rent a motorbike to save money and be more active, about 80,000 to 100,000 VND per day. Taxi about 200,000 VND / way.

It is quite surprising that Ta Van village is famous for foreign tourists. They left behind a noisy Sapa center, crowded and dusty to come here to rest. There are no hotels, motels but there are many beautiful homestay in Ta Van for you to choose. Just go to one of the booking websites and there will be plenty of places for you to choose. Prices vary according to everyone's budget, from dorm rooms to private rooms. The average price ranges from 400,000 VND to 900,000 VND / night, full kitchen, pot, saucepan and utensils for self-cooking. Some famous homestay in Ta Van include Phori house, Ta Van Homestay, Tavan Ecologic Homestay, Tavan View Homestay...

An ideal group should consist of 2 to 6 people, too many people is not good because this space is suitable for relaxation, enjoyment. On the way from Sapa to Ta Van, there is a control station to collect a fee of 70,000 VND per person for entry. And please be responsible for the environment of Ta Van village if you stay here.

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