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Sapa develops handicraft villages

To preserve and develop traditional craft villages, in recent years, the Lao Cai culture, sports and tourism sector has ceaselessly put their efforts in conservation and development of the traditional craft villages. In 2008, Forging industry in Ban Pho village was preserved. In the framework of the project "Investment for preservation of traditional Hmong village" in Cat Cat village, San Sa Ho commune (SaPa), Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism has conducted preservation of 4 traditional craftsmanships: brocade weaving, silver carving, blacksmithing, carpentry, weaving rattan - bamboo - straw bring about economic and social efficiency for the development of provincial tourism...
Sapa villageAlong with conservation of craft villages and traditional handicrafts, promoting strong point of craftmanship with long-term development strategy is the determining factor in the survival and development of the industry. Currently, the province has formed the clear models of traditional villages. Cat Cat village has gradually built its brand with the forging and casting products, textiles of linens of Hmong people. The famous alcohol villages have found their stands in the market such as Pho village corn wine (Bac Ha), Shanlung, Xeo village wine (in Bat Xat commune).

The villages in the province have been associated with tourism spots and promote tourism development in the community, improve living standards of many families through their home business, selling handicrafts, brocade products... Community base travel has also made positive impacts on labour distribution. In the past, in the villages in Sa Pa, people mostly make their living in agriculture, forestry, there have been many households getting involved in tourism activities of the village. With the aim of preserving and developing traditional village linked to tourism development, most of the village has created its own definition for tourists to learn and explore. In particular, brocade weaving is dominant, serving the needs of families and tourists. Only in SaPa district has 11 embroidery and weaving villages in Ta Phin village, San Sa Ho village with about 1000 households participating and a number of groups from the district women society, put on the market each year more than 30.000 metres of fabric. Other districts link Van Ban, Bac Ha have also formed several embroidery villages, attracting thousands of workers. Mr. Tran Huu Son, Director of the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism said: Promotion of village tourism development must be associated with the production of tourism and trade promotion, branding and registration of copyright for craft villages' products. When the villages have built their names on the products it would be easier to preserve, conserve and promote the craft villages, especially to solve a large number of local workers, contributing to raising labor income in rural areas. This is also a condition to meet criteria for restructuring labor in the process of building new countryside today.












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