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Colourful Sapa tourism festival

A highlight in the framework of celebration of 110 years of SaPa is street festival with the theme "Colourful Sapa", took place at the town's square.

Sapa tourism festivalThe show "Colourful Sapa" gathered more than 400 artists from the provincial Ethnic Arts troupe, High School of Culture, Arts and Tourism, the units from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, artisans in the province and amateur artists... participate in parades. The artists performing arts showcase displaying bold nuances of ethnic minority peoples in the region Hmong, red Dzao, Tay, Zay... in a variety of topics such as Sapa flower forest, Sapa - wine, Sapa - herbal medicine, Hmong panpipe, rice terrace culture...In the pulsalting drums of Bo Y people from Muong Khuong district and Red Dzao people from Ta Phin village, the parades went past the central square and through the streets Thach Son, junior school Kim Dong - Ngu Chi Son. On route, the procession stopped at Thach Son - Xuan Vien intersections so that people can enjoy the lively and original shows. After the festival drum show, visitors will be immersed in the flavours of Sapa, the colourful flowers of cold regions that have captivated a lot of tourists. The image "city in the fog" will be recreated in the street festival. Sapa characterized flowere such as Rose, Thuoc Duoc, Do Quyen, Plum, Sun Flower, Orchid....will be held in hand by artists and performed along the streets in the show titled "Sapa Flower Forest".

Alcohol is also a character selected to perform at the festival. The performance Sapa - Wine introduced some of Sapa's characterized wines such as Thanh Kim wine, Son Tra, herbal wine, Plum wine of Ta Van village...the boys and girls in white dresses performed the wine offering dances with many fun activities like inviting the wine, funding toasts, drinking ... Street festival SaPa is not mixed with street festivals anywhere because of art activities shown in the parade. The street festival was elaborately organized for the first time with many new and fascinating activities has captured attention of tourists present at the magical night in Sapa. Although it was the first festival in Sapa it has attracted a lot of visitors and received positive feedback, which is also the driving force for Lao Cai to explore better tourist products in order to propagate and promote tourism in the province. Also at the festival, the organizing committee honoured 80 donours for their contribution to the 110 year ceremony of Sapa with total funding 1.9 billion Vietnam Dong.

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