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Sapa tourism overcoming difficulties

Although the government has put forward stimulating solutions the Vietnam is still affected by the global economic crises, especially the sensitive fields such as finance, commerce and tourism. At this fact Sapa district has made solutions to help sustainable tourism develop.

Sapa tourismIt is the large local efforts along with the efforts of the businesses in the locality. The main solution given by SaPa District was to step up promotion and advertisement, strengthen tourism management, implementation on civilized trade, improvement in infrastructure and urban looks. From the beginning of the year promoting activities have always been strengthened with a lot of specific practical activities such as: trengthening the promotion of mass media , and many other channels. Especially the organization of promotion and advertising through festivals are concerned. The success of the ethnic festival and Sapa culture - tourism week at the beginning of the year attracted a lot of domestic and international tourists to Sapa. Through the festival brings visitors deep impression on the culture and the unique spirit of the unique products of nature, contributing more widely to promote local cultural characteristics of Sapa

Along with promoting activities, tourism management is also focussed on, from the organization of courses strenghening the enhancement of executive management capacity, hospitality skills and law on tourism. At the moment there are 150 accommodation establishments with 2000 rooms and nearly 4000 beds. During the festivals the Inspectorate of Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism sector checked 30 establishments on the basis of selling at the listed price.

For the goal of improving service quality, gradually building brand name, attracting more tourists, most of the major businesses in the area are still interested in investing to renovate and upgrade infrastructure. Style and service business has brought efficiency in business operations, typically Hotel Victoria , Royal Hotel...

From the efforts of businesses and industries, the local level has contributed important part to help tourism in the area have a positive change, step by step into stable order. Attracting a sustainable number visitors to SaPa in recent months . According to the tourism industry, in the first 8 months nearly 250.000 tourists came to Sapa.

To attract more tourists to Sapa , from now until the end of the year Sapa continues to implement effective measures to promote tourism, the well-organized " Lantern Festival" on the occasion of this year's Mid-Autumn has built a bridge to take more and more tourists to Sapa.












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