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Travellers visit north Vietnam usually visit Halong Bay and Sapa, two main sites in the north. Different from Halong Bay, a seaside destination for people to relax and sightseeing, Sapa is for active visitors who are interested in culture, physical actitities and adventures
To get to Sapa from Hanoi, most travellers take Sapa trains, as there are more travellers going to Sapa, both domestic and international, it is not easy to buy train tickets, normally passengers have to buy tickets for months in advance, it costs about 25-30 usd for a one-way ticket in a cabin of 4 soft berths, call first class or Deluxe, the cabins are simply equiped, with pillows and blankets, water and snacks are provided, Sapa trains are designed with 4 berths to a cabin, second class has 6 berths, budget travellers can travel in sitting carriages which cost only 10-15 usd one way.
Sapa tours can be arranged along with train tickets by tour companies, main attraction for visitors to Sapa is to visit hill tribe villages with colourful ethnic minorities people, Sapa tours will take travellers to surrounding villages such as Cat Cat, Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ta Phin...Sapa trekking adventures take travellers further down to remote villages of Ban Ho, Thanh Kim, the trekking trips to these villages usually last 4-5 days, with the nights spent in the local hosts. Sapa trekking is really a popular activity for tourists with long holidays and strenous naturally. Homestay is attached with trekking tours, as homestay at villages is a based for tourist not only to spend the night, but also learn about life, customs and traditions of hill tribe people.
Another attraction for visitors to Sapa is the famous Bac Ha market, held on Sunday. Bac Ha is 110 km from Sapa, about 2 hour drive, there are several markets in Bac Ha such as Can Cau, held every Saturdays, Coc Ly market on Tuesday, Cao Son market on Wednesdays, Lung Khau Nhin market on Thursday...The markets open only once a week, it is not only a tipycal market, it's mor like a social actitity for hill trible people, especially youngsters go gather, they drink rice wine, sing and dance and court each other.
The biggest minority group in Bac Ha is Flower Hmong people, there are several groups of Hmong people living in Vietnam, such as Black Hmong, Flower Hmong, Blue Hmong, Red Hmong, they came from China thousands of years ago, Hmong people live in the mountain, cultivation is corn and rice, grown on the sides of mountain, in the past when most people travelled on foot or by horseback Flower Hmong people in Bac Ha spent the whole night trekking through the mountains, now most people use motorbikes to reach the market, and most markets open only in the morning.












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