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Most travellers visit Sapa will go trekking to Lao Chai and Ta Van villages, located in Muong Hoa valley, Lao Chai village is inhabited by Black Hmong people, there are about 100 families live in the village, the houses are built by wood on the hill side, in the middle of the rice terraces. Trekking to Lao Chai is a very popular activity in all Sapa tours, the vilage beauty is just incredible, the village lies along Muong Hoa river, there are some simply built suspension bridges across the river, sometimes in rainy season water level the river water overflows the bridges and people have to use boats to cross the river
Black Hmong people in Sapa are very friendly, tourists going to Lao Chai are invited to their homes, drink corn wine and listen to their traditional music, the number of foreign travellers to Sapa in recent years has changed the face of the village, little children prefer to go to town selling souvenirs to tourists, Tho Cam clothes, or brocade made by hand is favourite with tourists, Hmong people wear Tho Cam all the time, they never wash their clothes, once in a week on sunny days they hang clothes out for drying
Sapa trekking is a must for most travellers, and walking with a local guide in the buffalo paths, among the rice fields is really an unforgettable experience, usually travellers will start the Sapa trek from town, it takes about 4-5 hours walk down the valley to reach Lao Chai village, stop on the way to have lunch and keep walking to Ta Van village, inhabited by Dzay people. Of all ethnic minority groups in Sapa, Dzay people is one of the most civilized, though they still keep some traditions of hill trible people, they only wear traditional clothes on special days, although they live in wooden houses facilities are well supplied, Sapa homestay tours are mostly based in Ta Van village, trekkers spend the night with families, have dinner with friendly hosts, listen stories about local people, their customs and traditions, many young foreigners fell in love with local girls and stayed and settle their lives in the village
Sapa tours are usually organized in 3 to 4 days, with 2 nights on train, Sapa trains start from Hanoi, travellers book their train tickets to Sapa from travel agents or tour companies, spending the night on train, there are some train companies offering online booking tickets for travellers to Sapa, most people book Sapa train tickets in Deluxe cabins, or first class with 4 soft sleepers, the cabins are simple but clean and comfortable, it takes 10-12 hours from Hanoi to Lao Cai, and then takes 1 hour by car from Lao Cai train station to Sapa.












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