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There are many places worth visiting in Sapa, with the tourism boom in Sapa over the past years there are many choices for tourists, most Sapa tours are arranged by travel companies from Hanoi. Going to Sapa travellers always visit Cat Cat village, located just outside Sapa town. Cat Cat village is inhabited by Hmong people and has recently been organized by local authorities as a tourist village
Sapa trekking tours usually take place in Lao Chai and Ta Van villages, travellers trek from Sapa town to Lao Chai, crossing the river to Ta Van village, overnight at Ta Van and keep trekking to Giang Ta Chai village of Red Dzao people, trekkers who go on strenous trip will trek for 4 or 5 days to Ban Ho and Thanh Kim villages, inhabited by Tay and Nung people, the trek is hard, but in return travellers will have a chance to behold spectacular sceneries on the way, meet with friendly montagnards
Sapa homestay are served in Ta Van village, Ban Ho and Ta Phin villages, of which Ta Van is the most favoutie, visitors with short time will choose Ta Van as their night stop, those who prefer to stay at hotel there are many choices in town, from cheap hostels to deluxe hotels, the increasing number of tourists to Sapa has made the town change quickly, travellers can easily find a hotel within their budget, top of the list of deluxe accommodation is Victoria resort, a 4 star hotel built on top of the hill, Victoria also offers Sapa trains for passengers staying at their hotel, for a long time it is the only choice for travellers who want to have a bit of luxury in this town.
Other options in Sapa are Chau Long hotel, a 4 star hotel built in 2006 as a new part of the old 2 star Chau Long, close to Chau Long is Bamboo hotel, located right on Cau May street in centre of town, overlooking the Muong Hoa valley, as a 3 star hotel Bamboo is a good choice for middle class travellers.
Down the hill to Cat Cat village there is Gold Sea hotel, a budget 2 star hotel for visitors with tight budget, room rates from 20-40 usd for a night with breakfast, located a little away from town center however Goldsea hotel offers the best valley view of Cat Cat village and Cat Cat waterfall, the road from town central market were built a few years ago makes it much easier to access Goldsea hotel
There are some hotels near the lake which are favourite with local tourists, North Star hotel is a top choice, this 3 star mansion was built by local administration in 2009 and located in an ideal place, facing the lake with spectacular views of town.












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