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Top 5 best photography locations in Sapa travelers cannot miss

Visiting the cloudy town without visiting these extremely hot places in Sapa is too wasteful. If you want to get some "lifetime" photos, get thousands of Facebook and Instagram likes, quickly save these 5 super attractive places (Sapa tours).
Top 5 best photography locations in Sapa travelers cannot miss
1. Swing Sapa
Address: 87 Nguyen Chi Thanh street (next to the Hoang Lien national park)
One of the best selfie places in Sapa is Swing! Swing Sapa is a complex including homestay and coffee. This complex is only 500m from the stone church, so it is convenient for any trip to Sapa. No one can ignore the super romantic and extremely unique scene in the middle of this misty town.
Swing Sapa
Swing Sapa attracts tourists mainly by many enchanting backgrounds such as an infinity pool, a bed in the air, a bird's nest...Everything here is as beautiful as Bali. Who can refuse super chill pictures where mountains and clouds are in harmony, heaven and earth converge like that.

2. Secret Garden
Address: 056 Violet street, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai.
Secret Garden is also a beautiful check-in place in Sapa that you cannot ignore when coming to Sapa. Secret Garden is a rustic but majestic resort in the middle of high mountains and forests. From here, you can enjoy a romantic panoramic view of Sapa, drop your soul into the clouds and wind and fall in love forgetting the days.
Secret Garden
Very affordable service prices and a feeling of closeness and familiarity are two of the many factors that make Secret Garden a brand new Sapa check-in place and attract a lot of young visitors. Besides, the VIP area of Secret Garden is luxurious and worthy of the view overlooking Sapa town, mountains and the whole Sapa valley. Once you come here just give yourself a bit of luxury for 1 million VND/night to enjoy the beautiful scenery of mother nature.

3. Bamboo Hotel's infinity pool
Address: 18 Muong Hoa street, Sapa.
The infinity pool at Bamboo Hotel is one of the most wanted places in Sapa by young travelers. Super luxurious swimming pool, mountain view as far as the eye can see, plus a floating breakfast that can't be better, ... making anyone looking at the picture want to book a room immediately. Just scrolling your phone screen you will have thousands of luxurious check-in photos at this infinity pool. This proves a brand new but extremely hot place to check in Sapa - Vietnam excursions.
Bamboo Hotel infinity pool
4. Dragon and Cloud Glass Bridge
Address: the top of O Quy Ho pass
The Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge in Sapa was opened in November 2019, is considered the tallest glass bridge in Vietnam. Although recently opened, this place has attracted a lot of tourists, especially those who come because they are curious about the uniqueness of the bridge and "desire" to have thousands of likes on Instagram! If you check in Sapa next vacation at this glass bridge, do you have to catch the right trend?
Dragon and Cloud Glass Bridge Sapa
To set foot on this highest glass bridge in Vietnam, you need to go to a footpath into the mountain, then use the elevator to go up to a height of 300m. Here you will see the bridge reaching out from the cliff, up to 60m long. And this is the place to test the courage of every visitor. After visiting the glass bridge, stop by the amusement park above. There are also many interesting games here - Vietnam tours.

5. Viet Trekking Coffee
Address: 3 Hoang Lien, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
If you want to have beautiful check-in photos in Sapa, then Viet Trekking Coffee is also a suggestion worth considering. This is a place where you can comfortably take your eyes along the romantic mountain slopes and admire the peaceful and romantic beauty of the space ahead. Wake up early, order a hot cup of coffee, drop your soul into the wind and clouds, ... to see that life has many simple but surprisingly beautiful things!
Viet Trekking Coffee Sapa
In addition to the quality coffee space like distilled water, Viet Trekking Coffee also attracts visitors with its lovely, sweet and enchanting decor. This lovely coffee shop is located only about 600m from the Stone Church, so when coming to Sapa, everyone takes some time to visit the shop before starting their journey to explore the foggy city.

Just scrolling through a few photos, have you felt the urge to your upcoming trip to Sapa? Above are definitely the most attractive and worth-trying places to check in Sapa! Hopefully, when you come to these places, you will have the most memorable experiences.












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