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Tour Sapa, attractions and things to do

Sapa mountainHill tribe villages Cat Cat, Ta Van, Ban Ho, Ta Phin (about 5km from town centre) is where travelers should visit, explore the daily life of local people in Sapa, with natural and charming mountain scenery you will have a chance to enjoy fresh air of a mountainous area.

Silver Waterfall, Love waterfall, about 15km from town, close to the main road, very convenient to visit, from a distance travelers can hear the sound of water falling in torrent, looks like a silver stream. In addition, Ca Nhay waterfall in the Ban Ho eco tourism village is also very interesting in the season of south wind, thousands of fish come and lay eggs, jumping up and down in the stream

Rattan Bridge:
About 17km southeast of Sapa, the bridge over Muong Hoa river made from rattan is a favouite site for tourists, in addition to the natural setting in the mountain background, the bridge gives you a sense of floating on clouds on misty days.

Sapa ancient rock field: The ruins are located in the valley of Muong Hoa between 3 communes Hau Thao, Su Pan and Ta Van. The site stretches 8 sq km with nearly 200 rocks carved with strange patterns. This as a sequela of the appreance of prehistoric man in Sapa.

Heaven gates:
18km north of Sapa, this is the highest peak road can go to enjoy the famous Fansipan mountain. Not only a beauty spot, the road to heaven gates is impressive with winding curves between mountain range

Fanspan mountain:
At the elevation of 3143m above the sea level, Sapa is nicknamed "the roof of Indochina". Fansipan is a favourite destination for young conquerers. Travellers can reach Fansiapn in one of the ways: Golden Stream - Love waterfall or from Tram Ton pass to Fansipan. At the moment access to Hoang Lien national park is not permitted yet.

In Sapa town:
Sapa lake, Ham Rong mountain, stone Catholic church, night market, love market is attractions not to be missed when visiting Sapa.

Eating and drinking:
BBQ: In additional to village pigs, cabbage wrap in beef, grilled corn and sweet potato, Sapa also has delicious dishes such as grilled eggs, chicken...Visitors can enjoy these food in Ham Rong road, near the centre church or any hidden corner in town, even at tourists sites like Love waterfall, Muong Hoa valley.

Other dishes: Sapa is famous with dishes made from Salmon, sturgeon, black chicken and vegetables like Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots...All can combine to make a special hot pot of Sapa that cannot be found anywhere. You should also not miss Piped rice, Thang Co soup, Ban Pho corn wine...

Sapa cuisine market: The restaurants located on Xuan Vien, Cau May, Thac Bac bridge is where you can stop over to choose your own specialties for lunch and dinner.

coffee: Cafes are quite commonplace in Sapa with beautiful views on the Cau May street with romantic European style. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the chilly mist travelers will feel the sense of unique, interesting lifestyle on the highland.

Bars: If you prefer a more active place, you can visit some bars like Tau Bar, Delta Bar, Royal Bar , Valley View Bar at Cau May area, Bamboo bar, Mountain bar and pub, Hmong sister bar in Muong Hoa, Gecko bar at Ham Rong...

Red Zhao people's herb bath: Service price 10 usd/person, there are many places available in Sapa town however it you want to try herbal bath served by Red Zhao people you need to go to Ta Phin village, 12km from town.

Shopping: Peach and plum is famous gifts of Sapa, Peach grown in Sapa is light sour and fresh. Beside Sapa market you can also buy on the sidewalks or on the way from/to Sapa, you should have a basket bag to keep the peach instead of plastic bag that may spoil the fruit.

Brocade: That may be the brocade panels or decorative items like motifs brocade scarf, bag, backpack, pillow covers, skirts, shirts, blankets...There are some shops on Cau May street. On a small corner of 2nd floor of Sapa market there are a lot of brocade products are for sale with Hmong patterns.

Medicine, herbs: Aside from a number of herbs such as licorice, Thach Thao, Ngu Gia Bi, lotus seeds, lotus cores, Tam That... you can also buy wild bee honey, Linh Chi mushrooms...at pharmacy shops in Sapa.

Souvenir: You can buy jewelry made from Gold, silver, handicrafts at the shops in Cau May, Muong Hoa shop, stone carving shop, silver Sapa, Woodcarving shops...












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