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Unusual cold in Sapa

"It has been the beginning of summer time however the weather in Sapa in early days of May is as cold as winter, temperature dropped to 11 degrees Celsius, reaching damaging level, destroying crops and animals. For many years the weather in Sapa has become like this" said Luu Minh Hai, director of the Center for Meteorology - Hydrology Lao Cai.

foggy SapaThis is due to the influence of an intense cold spell from the north, temperature in Sapa at 7am quickly descended to 12 degrees, the weather is expected to continue lower, Sapa is in damaging level cold.

Cold weather has surprised visitors and many had to buy warm clothes. Many canceled their trip to the villages due to rain and slippery road. Many travel companies had to cancel their tours to Sapa and move the itinerary to warmer destinations.

Sapa is usually cooler from April to November and a lot of people visit Sapa this time, in January the weather is very cold and foggy, sometimes it snows in the mountain areas.

Bad weather also made local people find measures to keep warm for their cattle, many families in the "key areas" such as Trung Chai, Ta Phin villages had to evacuate their buffaloes to lower area to stay away from the coldness, most people locked the animals in the stable, carried grass from lower land by motorbike to feed the cattle.

Sapa authorities warns people to take measure against weather to protect humans and animals, crops and plants, limit the damage caused by abnormal changes by weather.












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