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Visitors to Sapa increase

Sapa townTotal turnover of Lao Cai tourism industry in the first quarter of the year reached 890 billion Vietnam Dong (approx 42.000.000 usd), increased 38% compared to the same period last year, of which revenue from international tourists reached 448 billion vnd, domestic tourists reached 441 billion.

According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, total number of tourists to Lao Cai reached 397.000 people, an increase of 24% fromlast year, in which international visitors reached 191.000, a 25% higher than previous year (Chinese visitors using travel permit according to Regulation 849 reached 8.000 people, 16% higher than last year 2013).

The tourist attractions of Lao Cai province such as Sa Pa, Bac Ha is where tourists choose to visit, learning the cultural identity of ethnic minorities. Specifically , in the fist quarter of 2014, tourists to Bac Ha reached 27.000 people ( 10.920 international tourists arrivals, 16.095 domestic tourists arrivals), Sa Pa welcomes 133864 visits ( 106766 arrivals of domestic tourists, international visitors 27.098 people). In particular , the Tourist Information Centre in Lao Cai has served 16.610 visitors (the 4241 in Sapa centre, Bac Ha centre 10.967, 402 visits galleries).

Sapa is a famous hillside resort in northwest Vietnam, climate in Sapa is cool all year round, foreign travelers come to Sapa to visit ethnic minority groups such as Flower Hmong, Black Hmong, Red Zhao...as well as weekend markets in Bac Ha. Sapa is a favourite destination for visitors in north Vietnam, many have chosen Sapa tours to get away from the heat of summer.

To get above results, over the past years, Lao Cai has organized many activities to promote tourism and travel activities, strengthen the construction of travel routes, tourist sites, building characterized products such as cultural tourism, eco resort associated with understanding the cultural identity of the nation, improve the quality of service makes Lao Cai increasingly attractive among visitors.












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