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8 breathtaking stops in Bat Xat travelers cannot miss

Bat Xat - the remote Northwest border region that has won the hearts and souls of thousands of travelers thanks to its wild natural beauty. Bat Xat is just like the charming shy smile of a mountain girl. Bat Xat is so attractive that travelers cannot miss the chance to conquer once in life. And on the journey to Bat Xat, you will have the opportunity to stop at 8 beautiful check-in points. Get rid of the chaos and busyness of the daily life, plan a trip to Bat Xat to refresh yourself right away!
8 breathtaking stops in Bat Xat travelers cannot miss
Milestone 92 – where the red river flows into Vietnam land (see more tours to Sapa)
Bat Xat is not only beautiful in the wet season as it is like a mirror, by the ocean of thick white clouds, by the bright yellow color of rice or by the immense mountains but also the milestone 92 - Lung Po. It is the intersection of the Nguyen Giang river from China and Lung Po river to form a peaceful Red River flowing into Vietnam, bringing alluvium to cultivate the banks. Standing at the landmark, travelers will have the opportunity to admire the romantic background and breathe in the fresh air before going on the trip.
Milestone 92 – where the red river flows into Vietnam land
The Pa valley – National landscape
One of the common attractions of the Northwest that draws visitors is the terraced rice fields. The fields stretching from this hillside to the other seemingly reaching as far as the eye can see. It is the green scenery of young seedlings, bright yellow rice and the whole wet season. And the second check-in point on Bat Xat road, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy that poetic picture is the The Pa valley, where there are terraced fields classified as national landscape.

Soil walled houses in the mountains
Not far from the center of the commune is Lao Chai village, where the Ha Nhi people live. The solid houses built of soil, some of which have existed for more than hundred years, are still not damaged. Seen from afar, Lao Chai village looms in the middle of a green and cloudy forest, like in a fairy tale. Stop in Lao Chai to admire the Soil walled house, scattered on the idyllic dirt roads and discover the interesting life of Ha Nhi village.
Soil walled houses in Bat Xat
Thien Sinh Bridge – The border between two countries
Thien Sinh Bridge in Ha Nhi language is Thien San Shu bridge, which is understood as 'heaven born', located at the end of Lao Chai village and about 10km from the center of Y Ty commune. The bridge is only a meter high, but it is of great significance. This is the boundary between Vietnam and China, crossing the bridge, visitors will encounter milestone 87 in China. At the foot of the bridge is Lung Po stream, which flows as a unique harmony between the fresh nature.
Thien Sinh Bridge in Bat Xat
Leisure at Y Ty park
Not like a typical park in the big cities, the “Y Ty Park” is simply a large empty area at the end of the road in Choan Then village, where the hill tribal children often gather and play. the rest stop for local people, and visitors are strolling about for the scenery. Coming to the “park” on beautiful days, visitors have the opportunity to watch the clouds floating below, so that the tip of the mountain appears like a big oasis.
Y Ty park
Hunting clouds in Ngai Thau commune
Ngai Thau is one of the beautiful stops on Bat Xat route that travelers cannot miss, especially for those who like to “hunt” the clouds. It seems that in any season, Ngai Thau is immersed in a cloudy ”ocean”, bringing a magical scenery like the mythical world. The most ideal time for tourists to enjoy the clouds and ”drink” cool mist in Ngai Thau is from November to April next year. Coming to Ngai Thau on Tet occasion, watching the clouds and having fun with the spring is uncomparable.

Ky Quan San – the fairy land
The name Ky Quan San may be very strange to many people but when you mention Bach Moc Luong Tu, you will feel very familiar because these are actually just two different names for the same mountain. The Ky Quan San mountain is located in the village of the same name, with an altitude of 3,406m, famous for the road of conquest even more difficult than Fanxipan.But in return, the abundant nature in the primeval forest and the magical cloudy when standing on the top of the mountain will surely make the adventurers happy with the effort that they have made.

Nhiu Co San impression
Known as a mountain of complex terrain, Nhiu Co San still attracts many adventurous travelers to conquer this cold land. Beautiful nature, the scenery is always magical like paradise, warm and friendly people are the pieces that make up an impressive variety of Nhiu Co San people. If you visit Bat Xat and miss Nhiu Co San you will be disappointed.

Different from the relax tours in the the modern resorts, the journeys to nature bring many memorable experiences for visitors. What is more than delighting by leisurely strolling through strange lands with your own feet, touching each little corner of the majestic picture of nature with your own hands and the heart feeling every such wonderful moment. If you like adventures so much just pack up your bags and prepare for the trip to Bat Xat right away.












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