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Enjoy Tet in Sapa village

Homestay service for tourists is not new to the people of Sapa and it's enthusiasm, affordable prices have attracted many visitors with this service (more about Sapa tours)

Sa Pa has many beautiful natural scenery such as Silver waterfalls about 200 m high, Cloudy Bridge is a historical relic of the ethnic people, Heaven Gate is the highest point that the road can go to watch Phan Xi Pang peak, bamboo forest, Ta Phin cave, Sa Pa ancient rock field in Muong Hoa valley. Ham Rong mountain is a place to grow a lot of flowers, diversifed colors and are planted within campuss. There are also orchid garden with many rare flowers.

Sapa is beautiful all seasons, but if you come here on the Lunar New Year, you will discover more features in the culture of the ethnic groups living in Sapa. The atmosphere of Tet of ethnic people here is different from the people in the cities.

All visitors to the tourist site of Sapa for Tet and spring are all amazed to see the wonderful beauty of white clouds floating on "city in the mist," full of peach blossom, plum, orchid, cymbidium flowers, extremely romantic. Although the weather is cold, these flowers still bloom together to make their souls more poetic.

Experience this service, visitors will have a chance to live with local ethnic people in the homestay in the villages. This is a new type of travel, ideal for young people who love to explore nature. And the unique culture of indigenous people is the Lunar New Year. The trend of traveling associated with homestay is growing more and more widely in Sapa in recent years and many tourists really enjoyed it.

According to homestay hosts in Sapa, this model creates friendly relations between guests and hosts, with comfortable and pleasant feelings, many visitors have introduced family and friends to come here to stay and have fun. In addition, the development of the homestay model also enhances people's sense of conservation and protection of the natural landscape.

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