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Sapa is famous for Love Market, it's a festival, a weekend activity for young hill tribe people live in Sapa, on Saturday nights youngsters from surrounding villages gather in town for dancing, playing flute and court each other, they are from Red Dzao, Black Hmong, Dzay, Tay and Nung
Today, with throngs of tourists coming to Sapa the original activity has changed a lot, local authorities are planning to recover the activity as one of the attractions of Sapa
Budget and independent travellers take Sapa tours through their hotels in Sapa, as Internet access is easily available in Sapa most hotels offer online booking, other services can also be arranged by the hotels like Sapa trains, transfer from and to Lao Cai train station, many adventurous travellers go to Sapa by motorbikes, it takes about 1 day ride from Hanoi, or 2 days with an overnight stop in Yen Bai
To local tourists, Sapa is an ideal place for honeymoons, there are many young couple chose Sapa as their honeymoons, especially in Spring, the whole area is just like a big flower garden, local tourists tend to visit Ham Rong mountain, located in the heart of town, there is a big flower yard on top of the mountain, young people are always seen taking pictures in the spot
Young Vietnamese are also interested in Sapa trekking, especially school children from Hanoi, they come in big groups, most use trains, others go by motorbike, they choose the cheap hotels away from tourist centre, cheap and convenient, they visit Lao Chai and Cat Cat villages, visit hilltribe villages in the area.
A place very favourite with domestic travellers is Thac Bac or Silver Waterfall, about 15 km from Sapa town, near Tram Ton pass on the way from Sapa to Lai Chau, in June or July, rainy season, the waterfall looks like a white silver curtain falling down from mountain.
Ta Phin village with the old church is also an attractive site for tourists, in recent years more and more people choose to stay overnight at Ta Phin village as it has become a bit too touristy at Ta Van village, there are some villages in are chosen as Sapa homestay sites, beside Ta Van, Ban Ho is a good place for long trekkers, and now Ta Phin of Red Dzao people has emerged as an intersting spot for Sapa homestay.
With an increasing number of tourists to Sapa, local children have learnt English from tourists, many young girls selling souvenirs to tourists have become tour guide, with their fluent English, deep knowledge of traditions and people, Hmong or Red Dzao girls have become professional tour guides for foreign travellers to Sapa.












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