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Street food in Sapa - worth a try

Ham Rong Street, located in the heart of the Sapa town, has long been known for "the grill street". This street is still one of the most attractive sites not to be missed when discovering the resort town of Sapa. If its beautiful natural landscapes attract tourists, it is its inhabitants and its dishes, including grills that hold them back. And it seems that all of Sapa's kitchen elites meet on this 300-meter-long street (more Sapa tours).
Sapa grill treet
By visiting this small gastronomy market, you are seduced not only by the irresistible flavor of the grills but also by a wide variety of food colors. You can count dozens of different dishes here. Each dish brings us a particular experience thanks to various spices from the mountains of the northwestern region. In Sapa, all foods are possible to grill. You would surely be surprised to see the eggs or the pork stomach on the barbecue.
Sapa street food
After a walk around the district, it's time for a snack. Stop at Ham Rong Street and discover the world of grills in front of you. Bacon, minced salmon, chicken wings, enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef, rice in a bamboo tube ... are well liked by all. Among them, tofu, H'mong cabbage (Cai Meo) wrapped in beef and Banh Day, are the specialties of this mountainous region (Sapa train tickets).
Sapa barbercue
Tofu nhu (rotten tofu) is considered an Asian cheese that is made from fermented tofu. With some tourists, like the Vietnamese shrimp sauce, it tastes too powerful to taste, but with others, once you taste it, you are immediately seduced by its creamy flavor and sweet sweetness.

And what you need to do is choose the menu and wait for it to cook in a few minutes. The price is very reasonable (from 8,000 VND to 15,000 VND for a skewer of meat).
So it might be worth a try, right?.












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