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Travel to Bac Ha, useful tips and information

Sapa is the most famous travel destination in the nortwest Vietnam, however in my opinion Sapa is losing it’s attractions due to the mass tourism. If you want to visit a mountainous place that still preserves the natural beauty and not affected by mass tourism you must come to the "white plateau" of Bac Ha, a remote destination with many beautiful landscapes, majestic mountains, rivers, caves, and friendly, hospitable ethnic people. In order to make your trip smoothly, I would like to share some useful tips in traveling to Bac Ha.
Travel to Bac Ha, useful tips and information
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About Bac Ha travel
To make your trip to Bac Ha smooth, you should also take the time to learn about this region. Bac Ha is a district in the Northwest of Lao Cai province where there are many beautiful natural landscapes. This highland region is home to some ethnic minority groups such as H’mong, Dzao… and is also endowed with majestic mountains, beautiful rivers and caves.

Bac Ha is also a place of convergence of ethnic cultural colors, specialties of the Northwest that create a special attraction, which draws visitors to this land. Traveling to Bac Ha in spring time, you will admire the white plum blossoms blooming throughout the hillsides and mountains, as well as in home gardens.
horse racing in Bac Ha
Best time to visit Bac Ha
You are wondering about when to travel to Bac Ha? Here are some ideal times to travel to Bac Ha, you can arrange your own trip:
• Traveling to Bac Ha in the spring, before and after the Lunar New Year, you will admire the white plum blossom covering throughout the mountains. You can admire the white plum blossom hill and take photos as a memory.
• If you want to join the Bac Ha Horse Racing festival, you should go in early June every year after the plum is ripe.
• The Procession of Water Procession on lunar January 15 every year.
• Bac Ha market is held every Sunday.
• Bac Ha Temple Festival on July 7 of the lunar calendar every year.

Transportation to and from Bac Ha
Bac Ha travel tips: Bac Ha is about 70km from the center of Lao Cai city towards Yen Bai and 300km from Hanoi. To travel to Bac Ha conveniently, you can go by overnight train to Lao Cai and then continue on 70km by road to Bac Ha, you can also choose one of many buses from at My Dinh bus station.

How to reach Bac Ha from Hanoi.
A number of high-quality transport companies that operate on the route Hanoi to Lao Cai - Sa Pa which are convenient for you to travel and visit.
(Note, this information is for reference only, in order to have correct information, please contact the transport companies directly when there are changes in schedules, times…)

+ Sao Viet transport: Stations Ben Xe Phia Nam at 779 Giai Phong Street, or My Dinh address 7 Pham Van Dong, or 333 Pho Moi Street (Opposite Lao Cai Station), or 69 Xuan Vien Sa Pa Street, or 708 Hoang Quoc Viet street – Cam Duong township.
• Itinerary: Giap Bat - My Dinh - Vinh Yen - Viet Tri - Yen Binh - Lao Cai - Sa Pa
• Departure time: Hanoi and Lao Cai (From 6:00 - 9:00 and from 17:00 - 21:00) Sapa (6:00 and 17:00) Cam Duong (17:00 and 19:00)
• Telephones: Station 779 Giai Phong road: 04 36686358; M? –žnh Bus Station 04 39958127; station 7 Pham Van –ong 04 37921266. In Lao Cai 020 3638638, in Sapa 04 85867816, in Cam Duong 020 3687687

+ Hai Van bus
Itinerary 1: Hanoi - Lao Cai - Sa Pa
• Departure time: My Dinh (8h40, 20h30, 21h00) Lao Cai 20h30 Sa Pa (8h00, 18h00)
• Tel: Hanoi (024) 3 722 25 88 - 0168 92 20 20 Lao Cai 0988 86 20 20 - 0915 67 20 20
Itinerary 2: Hanoi - Bac Ha
• Departure time: My Dinh station at 21:00, from Bac Ha 20:00
• Tel: 01676 20 20 20
Itinerary 3: Hanoi - Van Ban
• Departure time: from My Dinh 20h30, from Van Ban 20h00
• Tel: 01677 20 20 20

+ Hung Thanh transport
• Schedule: Hanoi - Lao Cai - Sa Pa
• Departure time: My Dinh (8:30, 19:30, 20:30) Lao Cai (9:00 am 19:30 20:30) Sapa (8:00 pm 18:00)
• Tel: My Dinh 0989 294294 Lao Cai 0989 753753 Sa Pa 0988 287630

Bac Ha travel tips, if you want to go to just 1 destination in Bac Ha, you should rent a motorbike to save money. In case you want to move to other locations such as Lao Cai, Y Ty, Sapa ... it is best to take a motorbike from Hanoi to be more active in traveling.
Renting motorbikes in Bac Ha, you can refer to the following places:
• Address 1: Hoang A Tuong palace, Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai - tel: 020 3780662.
• Address 2: Hoang Vu Hotel, Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai - tel: 0915 491106 - 0912 005592.
hotels in Bac Ha
Good Hotels, motels in Bac Ha
In general, there are not hotels and guesthoues in Bac Ha with about 20 hotels, the prices are quite reasonable. Depending on your budget as well as the purpose of the trip, you choose for yourself a most suitable resting place.

Here are some good hotels in Bac Ha that you can consider:
+ Sao Mai Bac Ha Hotel - 04, Road 20/9, Bac Ha town. Room rates range from $ 28. The hotel has spacious and airy rooms. Located near tourist attractions, convenient to travel around, staff are enthusiastic with visitors. In addition, the hotel also offers bike hire services at an affordable price.

+ Cong Fu Hotel - 152 Ngoc Uyen road - Bac Ha - Lao Cai. Room rates range from $ 25. Staying at this hotel, you will experience great amenities such as massage services, hot tubs, golf courses, tennis courts…Surely you will have the most comfortable and relaxing trip.

+ Sa House - Na Hoi Village, Na Hoi Commune, Bac Ha District. Room rates from $ 11. The hotel is rated at 8.9 excellent, beautiful rooms, clean & basic amenities. Very good owner, enthusiastic with visitors.

Where to visit? Beautiful and famous sights in Bac Ha
What are interesting things in Bac Ha? If you still do not know where to go when you come to Bac Ha, you can refer to some famous tourist attractions in Bac Ha:
Bac Ha market
- Bac Ha Market is a weekly market in Bac Ha town. From Lao Cai city to Bac Ha market about 65km, it takes 2.5 hours. The market is famous for its authentic and ethnic features.
Hmong King Hoang A Tuong palace
- Hoang A Tuong palace is located in the center of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. This is a unique architecture of the ancient houses of the French style, now becoming a tourist destination not to be missed when traveling to Bac Ha .
- You can visit Ban Pho village where the famous corn wine is made. The Pho village of H’Mong people is about 4km from Bac Ha. Or visit Hang Tien landscape, Bac Ha temple is also beautiful landscapes in Bac Ha.

In addition, you can attend some unique festivals in Bac Ha such as:
• Bac Ha horse racing is held every year around May and June.
• The processions of Land and Water of the Tay people in Bac Ha, takes place on lunar January 15 every year.
• Ta Chai xoe dance - Bac Ha.
• Bac Ha Say San Festival (Gau Tao Festival), held from the 2nd to 6th on the Tet new year according to the area where people from Mong, Tay, Nung groups live.

Delicious and famous dishes in Bac Ha
What to eat when traveling to Bac Ha? Bac Ha wine, 7-color sticky rice of Nung Din people, Bac Ha plum, bird's foot mushrooms in Bac Ha market…are famous dishes in Bac Ha to enjoy.

Good restaurants in Bac Ha you can refer to:
• Spring Fair Restaurant: 5-way junction in Bac Ha town, tel +84-206).295.622
• Hoang Yen Restaurant: Bac Ha town. tel: + 84-203 .780661.
• Xuan Ve Restaurant: Bac Ha town. Tel: + 84-203 880 352.
• Tran Sin Restaurant Bac Ha town Tel: + 84-203 880 240.
• Ngan Nga Restaurant: Bac Ha town. Tel: 0203.880.251.












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