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Train tickets to Sapa

Travel to Lao Cai and things you need to know

Talking about Lao Cai tourism visitors would think of the moutainous resort town of Sapa, however Lao Cai have other attractive places bedise Sapa. Known as the land of 25 ethnic groups born with unique identities, cool climate all year round and fascinating natural landscapes. If you are wondering how to know Lao Cai, let's follow our article below to discover the most detailed travel experience in Lao Cai!
Travel to Lao Cai and things you need to know
Time to travel Lao Cai (see more Sapa tours)
• Generally, good time is around April to August, at this time the weather is cool and sunny, very suitable to come here for a vacation. Traveling this time, you just need to pay attention to the weather to avoid rainy days.
• From January to March, the highlands of Lao Cai often have beautiful plum blossoms, but this time is sometimes a bit cold, the humidity in the air is high so it feels wet.
• August to September is the rice harvest season, coming to Sapa this time you can take a look at the rice terraces in Y Ty and then return to Sapa to rest. Y Ty is also a place for the photographers to “hunt clouds”, an attractive topic for young people, the time is not fixed and depends on the weather and your fortunate, but usually around March, April
• Bac Ha horse racing festival in early June every year, if you are curious, you can travel Bac Ha and enjoy this traditional activity.
• If you want to climb Bach Moc Luong Tu mountain, you can go in March – April, this time the weather is moderately cold, little rain and not too wet.
• If you want to hunt snow in Sapa, pay close attention to the weather forecast at the end of the year. There is no fixed time but depending on the year from December to January, there can be severe cold spells, it may snow in dry weather.
hunting clouds in Y Ty
Transport from Hanoi to Lao Cai
Lao Cai city is 376km from Hanoi. So to choose the means of travel to Lao Cai you can choose to go by train, private car or bus.
If you go by train, you should go in the evening with the overnight trains that will arrive early in the morning, you should buy a bed cabin ticket to rest at night to be comfortable so that the next morning has health to visit, there are many choices such as Orient Express, Sapaly, Dream Express, Livitrans, Fanxipan. Trains arrive in Lao Cai you can catch the bus to Sapa (about 30km) or to Bac Ha (70km). And if you choose the bus, it is faster with the new Hanoi - Lao Cai expressway so the travel time is about 4 hours, the car will take you straight to Sapa. To Sa Pa, you rent a motorbike at the hotel to go sightseeing for convenience.

Where to stay when to Lao Cai?
In recent years, along with the growth in the number of visitors to Sapa has become one of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. Therefore, the accommodation system in Lao Cai is currently very developed and diversified types of accommodation services: From cheap hotels to luxury resorts. Especially, if you come to Lao Cai to experience and explore the unique cultural space of ethnic minorities living here. Can use the family homestay in the village - this will be a great experience that you can not forget and perhaps this is the most economical form of saving money. However, you should pay attention to learn about customs before choosing a homestay, avoid the unhappy things for you and the host.
Thang Co dish in Bac Ha
What to eat in Lao Cai?
Come to Lao Cai, do not forget to enjoy the special dishes, typical for the Northwest highland such as: Village pigs, Thang Co (soup cooked by horse), salmon hotpot, grilled fish and especially Sapa barbecue dishes, You can enjoy an evening in the downtown area, enjoy the chill and fresh feeling of this town, indeed very warm and interesting.
If you visit Bac Ha market, you should enjoy Khau Nhuc - sliced pork with big pieces covering a large bowl of pickled vegetables and flavored herbs. Simacai market is famous for its Thang Co soup, a combination of meat, skin and bones of grass-eating species such as horses, cows, goats…

Entrance fee to Sapa points (latest update 2019)
• Silver Waterfall: 20,000 VND / person (from 16 years old), 10,000 VND / person (from 7 years old to under 16).
• Route of Sapa - Sin Chai - Sa Pa: VND 40,000 / person (aged 16 and over), VND 20,000 / person (aged 7 to under 16).
• Route Sa Pa - Ta Phin - Sa Pa: 40,000 VND / person (from 16 years and older), 20,000 VND / person (from 7 years old to under 16).
• Route Sa Pa - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Ban Ho - Thanh Phu - Nam Sai - Nam Cang - Sa Pa: 75,000 VND / person (from 16 years and older), 30,000 VND / person (aged 7 to under 16).
• Route Sa Pa - Sa Pa - Hau Thao - Su Pan - Ta Van - Sa Pa: 75,000 VND / person (aged 16 and over), 30,000 VND / person / route (people aged 7 to under 16).
• Route Tram Ton - Suoi Vang - Thac Tinh Yeu - Tram Ton: 70,000 VND / person (from 16 years and older) and 30,000 VND / person (peole from 7 years old to under 16 years old);
• Tram Ton - Jungle - Tram Ton route: VND 40,000 / person.
• Fansipan mountain (climbing), including 5 sights: Ancient tea forest at an altitude of 2,000 m, bird populations at 2,200 m, short bamboo forest at 3,000 m, Van Sam populations at 3,100 m, conquering Fansipan peak: 150,000 VND / person.
• Children under 16 years old are not allowed to join the Tram Ton - Jungle - Tram Ton route and the Fansipan route
rattan bridge in Sapa
Tourist places worth visiting in Lao Cai
Cay May (Rattan Bridge)
Cau May, about 17km southeast of Sapa, is one of the tourist destinations in Lao Cai. In the past, Rattan bridge was the only bridge for local people to move from Ta Van commune to the center of Sapa town. Over time the bridge has become increasingly degraded, and due to the development of Sapa tourism, a new stronger wooden bridge has been built nearby. Old Cloud Bridge was remodeled and was only for tourists to visit and take pictures.

Love waterfall
Located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, Love Waterfall is an ideal place to visit and rest. The waterfall has a height of nearly 100m, originating from the peak of Phan Xi Pang, bringing the coldness of the mountain forest rushing down into a stream of white bubbles. After each thin layer of water on both sides of the waterfall is a lush forest vegetation. The vast space of charming forests, rivers and streams, the love waterfall is a great tourist destination for visitors.
heaven gate in Sapa
Heaven gate
When mentioning the heaven gate, most people think of the sky gate of Quan Ba and Ha Giang that few people know that Sapa also has a heaven gate. This is the highest road peak in Vietnam that can come to admire the peak of Fansipan. The road to the zigzag heaven gate is winding in the middle of the mountain, this road is called O Quy Ho pass, weaving between majestic Hoang Lien Son range and in the middle of the highest point of O Quy Ho pass is the sky gate.

Muong Hoa valley
10km southeast of Sapa town center, Muong Hoa valley is an attractive and attractive tourist attraction for tourists. Passing a mountain pass and going along the mountains, visitors will be fascinated by the charming scenery of the valley. This beautiful Muong Hoa valley is also the home of many ethnic groups, which contains a wonderful natural beauty that captivates many tourists when they come to visit.

O Quy Ho Pass
O Quy Ho pass or Hoang Lien Son pass is a mountain pass on the national highway 4D crossing Hoang Lien Son range, connecting Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces with the top of the pass also marks the border between the two provinces, of which 2/3 is in Tam Duong district of Lai Chau, the remaining one third is located in Sa Pa and Lao Cai. This is probably a mountain pass that holds the record of the length in the Northwest mountainous region of Vietnam, with a length of nearly 50 km longer than the Pha Din pass (32 km long, located on the boundary of Son La and Dien Bien provinces) or Khau Pha pass (nearly 40 km, belonging to Yen Bai). The height, ruggedness and length of O Quy Ho makes the pass unorthodox as the "King of the Northwest Pass", one of the four great passes in northern Vietnam.

Fansipan peak: Roof of Indochina
With a height of 3143m Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam and also the highest mountain in 3 Indochina countries of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, 9km southwest of Sapa. According to the local language, the name of the mountain is Hua Xi Pan which means giant slab.
Fansipan Peak is currently the meeting place of many climbers. Conquering the mountain can be done through tours of professional travel companies or self-sufficient with the guidance of indigenous people. The hiking route can start from Sapa to the top of Tram Ton Pass or less commonly Cat Cat tourist area by car or motorbike. There are H’Mong and Red Dzao ethnic people working as ten thousand workers for the highest number of mountain climbers.
The best time to climb is from September to March next year. However, the most beautiful way to Fansipan is around late February, when the mountain flowers start to bloom.
For those who are not healthy and have limited time, the time to reach Fansipan is only about 30 minutes thanks to the cable car. The cable car will take you to the station about 600m from the top, your job is to climb the last step.

Bac Ha market
Bac Ha market takes place every Saturdays. People flock to the town of Bac Ha to market with a variety of different items. The market is mainly a place for exchanging and trading goods of ethnic minority people from nearby villages. At Bac Ha market, you can find strange items of ethnic minorities, as well as enjoy highland specialties, such as the ancient winery, corn wine, rice wine or camellia tea or livestock…

Lao Cai Border Gate
Lao Cai International Border Gate is one of three important international border gates on the northern border of Vietnam along with Dong Dang Border Gate (Lang Son) and Mong Cai Border Gate (Quang Ninh). If the border gates in Quang Ninh and Lang Son are adjacent to Guangxi province - a province with a developed economy and exported goods require high technical content, Lao Cai International Border Gate is adjacent to the Southwest region of China - a large area with an easier market.
Lao Cai International Border Gate is also the place where many tourists put in the list of favorite destinations. You can do the procedures by applying for a daily passport to go to Hekou (China) for some shopping.

Coc Leu Market
Less than 1km from the Vietnam - China border, Coc Leu market is considered a busy shopping center of Lao Cai city. In general, you can check it out here or if you like to buy, there is anything you need at this market. Of course, all Chinese goods so the quality is off the table.

Above is all the experience of Lao Cai travel that I have summarized. Just come and experience for yourself.












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