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Visit Si Ma Cai, detailed information and guide

From Bac Ha plateau, you only need to travel up about 30km to a beautiful, pristine land of Si Ma Cai, a remote district of Lao Cai province. Si Ma Cai is being discovered by travel lovers and in recent years it has become more and more popular. In this entry I would like to share some travel experience about Si Ma Cai so that you visitors can plan an interesting trip.
Visit Si Ma Cai, detailed information and guide
How to get to Si Ma Cai from Hanoi
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Si Ma Cai is located in the Northeast of Lao Cai province, about 95km from Lao Cai town. You can reach here by motorbike or car. According to experienced travelers the best means of transportation is motorbikes. Traveling by motorbike, you will admire the whole scenery on both sides of the picturesque Si Ma Cai road.

Traveling by private car or motorbike: From Hanoi along Hanoi - Lao Cai highway you go about 5 hours to arrive in Lao Cai. After that, from Lao Cai continue to Bac Ha along 4d National Road to Yen Bai, then you turn at the Bac Ngam junction, from Lao Cai to Bac Ha about 60km the road is pretty good. From Bac Ha, through Coc Pai township, Xin Man district, continue to Lung Phinh and Lu Than commune, you will arrive in Si Ma Cai district.

What is the most convenient mode of transport to Si Ma Cai? If you do not want to travel by motorbike from Hanoi, you can catch a bus to Bac Ha and then rent a motorbike to Si Ma Cai. Bus operators from Hanoi to Bac Ha such as Hai Van bus, start from My Dinh bus station. Another choice is you can take a train to Lao Cai and take Canh Ngoc bus from Pho Moi - Lao Cai station, this bus goes straight to Si Ma Cai.
Hotels in Si Ma Cai
Hotels in Si Ma Cai
Where to sleep in Si Ma Chai, what are the cheap and good hotels in Si Ma Cai? Si Ma Cai seems to be neglected and has only been known in travel map of Vietnam in recent years, so the hotel and accommodation system here is not very diversified, only a few choices. If you want to spend the night here, you can stay in a homestay. This is a very popular type of accommodation for tourists to experience the life of ethnic minorities in Si Ma Cai.

If you want, you can find a hotel for the night. Some guesthouses in Si Ma Cai are good and cheap, fully equipped to serve the needs of visitors
• Le Gecko Hotel: 4 Ham Rong - Thach Son Street - Si Ma Cai town
• A27 Si Ma Cai Hotel: the center of Si Ma Cai town, tel 02143.796.727
• Hong Nhung Hotel: Hamlet Old Town, Si Ma Cai Commune
• People's Committee of Si Ma Cai District People's Committee: Old Quarter, Si Ma Cai

If you don’t want to stay the night in Si Ma Cai you can just go to Bac Ha town (20km) where there are more choices, comfortable and clean:
• Sao Mai Hotel: 020 3880288
• Thien Thanh Hotel: 020.3880676
• Sunday Hotel: 020 3880 350
• Tan Nguyet Guesthouse: 020.3880371 - 0914763999

Things to do in Si Ma Cai
Where to go, what to do when traveling to Si Ma Cai? Attractive activities when for visitors coming to Si Ma Cai
Tam Giac Mach flower in Si Ma Cai
Enjoy the view of Si Ma Cai
Si Ma Cai has many activities for you to choose, maybe you will enjoy and take great pictures with the fields of Tam Giac Mach flower. In the last days of winter is the time when the Tam Giac Mach blooms, if you have the opportunity to set foot in Si Ma Cai at this time, one activity not to be missed in Si Ma Cai is to take great photos with the fields of pink color. Surely you will not regret once you come here.
Can Cau market in Si Ma Cai
Can Cau market
Not only beholding the beautiful natural scenery but mingling with Si Ma Cai people is also a great experience for your Si Ma Cai trip. One of the interesting activities in Si Ma Cai is to join the people to attend the weekly Can Cau market.

The market is held every Saturday and on Tet holidays, Can Cau is a weekly market for Chinese and H’mong people who sell a lot of specialties of mountainous ethnic people. From the early morning the sounds of laughters, talk, horses, motorbikes bustled in a corner of the market, people come here to do business, to hang out, boys and girls wear their beautiful dresses to the market to meet friends. Can Cau market will help you discover the life of people here with a lot of unique customs and traditions. Can Cau market is also a place where you can enjoy a lot of Si Ma Cai's special dishes.

In addition, there are many other interesting activities in Si Ma Cai such as visiting flower valleys, admiring the lush and wonderful green mountains. Participating in festivals with the people of Si Ma Cai such as forest worshiping ceremony, Gao Tau ceremony…
Thang Co soup in Si Ma Cai
Specialties in Simacai you should try
Delicious food, specialties of Si Ma Cai: Not only famous for the beautiful natural scenery, Si Ma Cai also made tourists sobbing when enjoying the specialties in Si Ma Cai that cannot be refused. The dishes here carry the taste of mountains and forests to make people enjoy it tremendously. Traveling to Si Ma Cai or any other place in the Northwest mountainous region without enjoying the Thang Co dish will be a big miss, you will not see the full flavor of Northwestern mountains without enjoying this fascinating food. In addition to Thang Co there are many delicious and attractive dishes in Si Ma Cai that visitors cannot resist such as: grilled black chicken with honey, black chicken soup, smoked black pork, casted bread and alcohol… In the chilly weather of the Northwest mountains, sipping a warm wine enjoying a bowl of hot chicken soup will make you forget everything.

An address to eat specialties of Si Ma Cai that must be mentioned is at Can Cau market, there is always a special area for food specialties for local people. You can find a lot of Si Ma Cai's specialties here.

General note when traveling to Si Ma Cai
Costumes: Travel Si Ma Cai what you should wear? You should choose comfortable clothes, lightweight, easy to move around, if you go in the summer, you should bring a thin jacket because the weather here will be cold at night and early in the morning. You should also bring drinks or snacks.

You should go in groups, it will be safer, the road is a bit difficult and it would be good to give priority to those who have experience and have traveled this road before.

What souvernirs to buy when traveling to Si Ma Cai? You can buy corn wine or brocade products, dried buffalo meat as a gift for family and friends
Hopefully, with my Si Ma Cai travel tips that I shared above will help you have a more interesting and attractive trip to Si Ma Cai.












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