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Sapa Vietnam part 1
To get to Sapa from Hanoi, most travellers take Sapa trains, as there are more travellers going to Sapa, both domestic and international, it is not easy to buy Sapa train tickets, normally passengers have to buy tickets for months in advance...

Sapa Vietnam part 2
Black Hmong people in Sapa are very friendly, tourists going to Lao Chai are invited to their homes, drink corn wine and listen to their traditional music, the number of foreign travellers to Sapa in recent years has changed the face of the village.  

Sapa Vietnam part 3
Sapa homestay are served in Ta Van village, Ban Ho and Ta Phin villages, of which Ta Van is the most favoutie, visitors with short time will choose Ta Van as their night stop, those who prefer to stay at hotel there are many choices in town...

Sapa Vietnam part 4
Sapa trains at that time were not used by tourists, there was only day train, simple, dirty and packed with people, the train leaved 1 or 2 times a day from Hanoi, stopping in Phuc Yen, Viet Tri, Yen Bai, Phu Tho and Lao Cai.  

Sapa Vietnam part 5
Young Vietnamese are also interested in Sapa trekking, especially school children from Hanoi, they come in big groups, most use trains, others go by motorbike, they choose the cheap hotels away from tourist centre, cheap and convenient...

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